Self Assurance Provided by Suffering

I was talking to a friend the other day about my diet and plans for the coming week and I explained that I could not wait to let the suffering begin. I can honestly say that I am more in tune with every facet of life and of course each emotion when I am suffering. [...]

It’s Just Energy…

So here I sit just under 15 weeks out and I am noticing a little more focus and clarity each day. I cannot explain in words what it is like to know that you are chasing your dreams with unwavering belief but I can say that it is a feeling that I can only hope that [...]

Fuel to the FIRE!!!

As many already know it has been a great week for me professionally and personally as an athlete in the sport. I have worked countless hours and made so many decisions over the years that have lead me to where I am today and although I have loved every second it is still surreal when [...]

Just under 21 weeks…

20 weeks and 6 days out! In all honesty I cannot believe that in just 21 short weeks I will be onstage showing the judges, fans, and family what I have been working on since my breakthrough year in 2010. The time has flown by but I have taken advantage of every minute and I [...]

Great Day Today…Now I know I am dieting

Today is the first day where I really felt locked into the diet. Sure, I have been noticing my mental awareness increase as it always does during prep for the past week or so, but today I felt my “groove.” I can always tell the diet is in full swing when I feel this need to be [...]

Are you Filled with Desire or Dedication?

With 23 weeks to go until showtime I can already see that I am 110% back into my diet mode and attitude. In the offseason I tend to be a little less aware of both myself and those around me and don’t spend much time if any, analyzing thoughts or actions but once the prep [...]

Update as a Fan and Athlete

Two days out from the first ever Flex Pro show and the bodybuilding season has begun. Sure, it is great to be in shows but I have to admit I get even more excited about the pro shows because these guys are at the level I am working towards and I am as much a [...]

Time to Start RUNNING

Well, it is a new year and like so many, this year I actually care. Typically when the new year rolls around I don’t see what the hype is all about since really it is just a one day difference from Dec 31 but with all of the hardships 2010 brought to people I truly [...]


Due to Facebook and so many other forms of communication I have not been blogging much lately but after some prodding from my wife and a few supporters I decided i had better start updating this thing weekly to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on in my world. The only [...]

It Wasn’t Always Like This

Anyone who has known me long can attest to the fact that I am far from the guy who has never had bad eating habits. In fact, when I first started dreaming of becoming a bodybuilder I still was a regular at pretty much every fast food place in town. Like so many people out [...]