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Why go so early?

I know I start almost every blog the same but I seriously cannot believe how fast the time fly’s by when you are getting ready for a contest. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime between meals yet here we are after what seems like a few days and I am starting to finalize last minute prep organization. To ensure that my business is set for the time while I am gone so that I can just focus on the task at hand which of course is coming into this show at my all time best. With that being said I figured I would go into a little more detail as to how long I travel and why I choose to do it this way.

Being that Nationals is in Miami and I live all of the way in Arizona I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to get to Miami on Monday the week of the show. Some would say that is overkill and it probably is but for me it is all about limiting the possibility of stress. Leaving at a decent time Monday from Az gets me into Miami in the early evening and allows me the time I need to get a rental car and get over to the place I am staying without any stress of rushing whatsoever even if I have flight issues or something. Once I get into my place I like to get things organized so that I know I have everything I need and then some because I never enter a final week with a plan. Instead I make sure to have multiple types of protein sourced, carbs, and fats prepared so that as I take progress pics throughout the day I can let my body tell me what it needs to be fed to ensure I continue to dry out while simultaneously drying out.

On Tuesday upon waking I will head into the gym which as luck would have it is only a few miles from my place. At this point anything will do so i am not to concerned with what type of gym it is or what equipment it has but rather that it opens early and has the basics I will need for training Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Thursday. From the gym I will head back to the room have a meal or two and then shoot down to the store to stock up on food and supplies for the rest of the week. the plan here is to get everything that I need so I am only making one trip to the store but we will see how that works out.

Wednesday besides hitting the gym I will probably not even leave my room. This day to me is extremely important because it allows me to rest up way more than I have the entire prep. Although I typically go stir crazy from not running around I understand the importance of letting the body and muscle rest so that when I hit the stage my physique has noticeable “POP” to the muscle. Wednesday night will be round one of tanning as well. Last year after looking at the pictures I decided that I made a bit of a rookie mistake and although my tan was nice and smooth it was not dark enough so this year the tanning will start a day earlier.

Thursday i will most likely not hit the gym but will get out and walk the beach for 30-60 minutes just to clear the mind and get some blood flowing. After that I will do a light rinse before heading in for another round of color. The rest of the day will be devoted to posing, eating, and of course relaxing until heading in to weigh ins. Although I know I am nowhere near a weight class i still don’t love hitting the weigh ins because we are asked to hit a few poses for the magazines and websites that are covering the show. That would not be a big deal but what stinks is that from their those pics are uploaded online and “the judging” begins. Last year I had to laugh because based on some half ass weigh in photo’s where I had no color on, had not pulled my sodium or water, people were saying I came in soft and was “screwed.” Little did they know I hadn’t even begun depletion and dropped twelve pounds between those pictures and prejudging and was easily as conditioned if not more conditioned than any other super heavy in the line up on stage.

Friday for me is The Day! When I wake up Friday morning I will know more or less exactly what I will be looking like on stage. I will finally have seen the vision that has been in my head since the 2010 USA’s in real life and I will be just hours away from displaying my efforts during the past 16 months on stage. Typically all I do on Friday is pose before each meal and lay around prior to getting my final tanning down and heading to the show. At the show I am as much a fan as anyone and try my best to watch the earlier classes and see how my friends are looking and where they appear to be placing in their respective classes. After that I’m off to the back stage area for a quick pump up and some oil before taking the stage. Following the show we hit a few quick interviews and get back to the room as soon as possible to get some sleep. These days are beyond exhausting and I will need to be well rested for the battle that will be waiting for me on Saturday night.

For me Saturday is a great day for reflection because I have a long time between waking up and getting on the stage and not much to do. I like to just review the year and enjoy the moment. No matter what is happening at that point as far as my placing i know that the hard work is done and I just need to enjoy the opportunity I have to compete in the NPC and the many blessings I have been given because of bodybuilding. After the finals is over it is time to do some interviews for the sponsors and of course meet with friends, family, and supporters. this is an awesome time because their is absolutely no stress and you just get to relish on your moment and see how many people are their supporting you and your journey. It is also a great time to catch up with the many great athletes whom you competed with and most likely will be seeing standing next to you on stage later in your respective careers. Up next is everyone’s favorite part…the post show meal! For me I have to keep it pretty tight due to booked shoots and what have you so I will enjoy a nice big steak, some potato (with butter) and a small dessert. After that it is right back on the diet until the following Saturday.

As you can see between travel and prep I am really only going maybe one day earlier than I have to based on how much needs to be done starting Wednesday and not ending until I board my return flight the following week. When I first started in this sport I never would have imagined that so much goes into nailing your condition, color, and presentation at a bodybuilding show but out of respect for my supporters, the judges, and of course our great sport I am not about to cut any corners. I cannot promise a win in any show I do but I will always guarantee to bring the best possible look I can each time I hit the stage. I have far to much respect for the sport and my supporters to go bringing a look that makes them feel like I could have given more.

The Time Is NOW!!!


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