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Due to Facebook and so many other forms of communication I have not been blogging much lately but after some prodding from my wife and a few supporters I decided i had better start updating this thing weekly to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on in my world. The only major changes include: Evian competing again, getting a new training partner, and of course a few things with my training and diet.

Obviously the most exciting thing is that my beautiful wife has decided to start competing again. Some might think it is a bit strange that I like having my wife compete so much, but in reality it has nothing to do with her being onstage or getting in great shape. In fact, my wife is always in crazy condition and only when I am a few weeks out from a show does my physique even begin to compare to hers. The real reason that I love her deciding to compete is because it gives me the opportunity to be more than just her husband and supporter but also her fan. When we met what made me so attracted to Evi was her desire to succeed in everything she did. The entire time she was my client she never complained about what it took to be a champion, in fact she embraced the work to the point that I could see her enjoying each challenge I gave her. She was and is a machine…which is just one of the millions of reasons I can’t get enough of her. What happens at her shows is of little concern to me because I am the lucky guy who gets to be a part of the journey making memories we will cherish for years to come.

The next big change was getting a new workout partner. My previous partners have all been great and I will always be grateful for the roles that they played in my success but after a few years it was time for something new. I had been writing the nutrition for my current partner for a few months before I asked him if he would like to become my full time training partner and as I had hoped he jumped at the idea. Now just a couple of months later I can see I made a great choice taking in this young and coming bodybuilder. He has the drive of a champion and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals. It has been a pleasure training with him and I look forward to giving you updates on his progress…who knows, in a few years you may be reading about him in the magazines.

Finally the most boring thing…ME. I find it weird writing updates on myself as I view my life as something that is never changing. I live the life of an athlete which means doing what so many other athletes do by eating all of my meals, not cheating, getting all of my training in, and of course the all mighty sleep. The only difference between myself and so many others is that I never stop or even take a break from my goals. Everything I do for bodybuilding is a calculated decision because I treat it like my business. I don’t make random decisions with my business thus I don’t make random decisions with my physique. And just like having a board of directors for my business I have one for bodybuilding which includes my marketing director, nutritionist, trainer, and of course most importantly my wife.

The only changes that have taken place over the last few months in regards to bodybuilding is that Chris has me taking in more calories than ever. What is really weird is that I am not putting on a ton of fat yet my appetite keeps increasing as does my strength. These changes have been drastic enough that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will once again be shocking people with the changes I make in just one year. Next time I will get into some of the macro nutrient changes but for now I will save you the boredom.

It’s only a matter of time…


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