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Update as a Fan and Athlete

Two days out from the first ever Flex Pro show and the bodybuilding season has begun. Sure, it is great to be in shows but I have to admit I get even more excited about the pro shows because these guys are at the level I am working towards and I am as much a fan as I am an athlete. There is nothing as exciting as heading out to a big show to see what changes all of the athletes have made and who has taken their physique to its all time best. This show is stacked beyond belief between Dexter J, Evan C, Dennis W, Fouad A, Ben P, etc… it’s tough to guess how it will all shake out but one thing is for sure…this season is going to start out with a bang!

As a fan I am really looking forward to seeing both Fouad and Evan onstage since it has been a year and a half or more since either have hit the stage. Some feel it is dumb that these guys haven’t been competing but I couldn’t disagree more. I think they both understood the changes that needed to be made before stepping on stage again and knew that those changes could not be made in 12 months or less.  They had a vision of what their physiques needed to look like the next time they were on stage and in 48 hours we will all get to see that vision realized.

For the longest time I had been planning on heading out to the Flex Pro and then off to the Arnold with my sponsor but after thinking about it I decided it would be best to stay home and focus on my training and eating rather than going to watch.  This way if I want to go next year to the Flex I can go as an athlete rather than a spectator after nabbing my pro card.

As for Dusty the athlete everything is going extremely well and my body is transforming into the vision that Dante and I had for it following the 2010 USA’s. The sweep on my quads has changed drastically, my arms are up almost an inch from last years off season, and my waist is 2.5” smaller than it was last year at the same body weight.   Like all athletes I am constantly dealing with something or another as far as aches and pains but I am feeling more healthy now than I have all off season which means the improvements should just keep coming. With all this being said it looks like I will be keeping the promise I made to my supporters following last years USA’s by stepping on stage this year with a drastically improved physique.

It’s only a matter of time…


  • Zac Newhouse

    HELL Y E S ! ! ! ! !!

  • FNO

    This true warrior spirit D, there is no doubt in your mindset, only success. Winners share thi while others envy it! Proud to have known ya for so many years..FNO

  • Joshua Krize

    can’t wait to see the improvements. keep up the hard work Brada.

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