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The Next Three Weeks…and Then Some

Man, hard to believe that in 14 days I will be on stage in Miami showing the bodybuilding community what i have been working on since they last saw me in July of 2010. Looking back I cannot believe how quickly that time has passed by and all of the great things that have happened for my career  but as always I find myself looking forward to once again raising the bar of expectations and pushing to yet another level in the coming year. As the show has grown more and more close I am constantly being asked what are you going to do after you get your pro card? Or, what will you do if you do not get your card? What surprises people most is that the answer is the same either way because the changes that I want to make with my physique are needed no matter what happens at the Nationals in two weeks. With that being said here is a basic outline of my immediate plan following the 2011 NPC Nationals in Miami.

As any top physique athlete will tell you things get really crazy following shows so you must stay on your game to maximize your exposure following the show. Saturday night following the finals I will head out for a small treat meal with my wife, friends, family, and sponsors. It will be nice to relax for about 90 minutes but I will still stay pretty tight on the diet because I will be shooting all day on Sunday and Monday for sponsors, magazines, and of course my own site. During those two days I will be extremely tight on the diet so that I stay in the same condition that I had on stage for all of the shoots to make sure I represent myself and my sponsors to the best of my ability.

Tuesday I will increase the food slightly to fill out a bit because after being so depleted for four days my body will need it. I will not be cheating on the diet but I will be having more calories all from clean foods. Evian and I will also be heading home to Scottsdale on this day so needless to say things will be a bit hectic. As soon as our plane touches down in Phoenix it will be off to work to catch up on anything that  did not get done at my stores while I was in Miami. Miami. Fortunately for me I have a great team of employee’s so their should not be a ton of extra work to get done but more just getting my hands in their and feeling the pulse of my business. Wednesday I will hit the gym for some training and cardio before once again heading in to get a ton of work done at the stores before the holiday weekend. Once again I will be on an extremely strict diet here which will be determined by how I feel I look following my travel and depletion from the show and shoots.

Although Thursday will be Thanksgiving I will not have time to slow down or spend time with the family because I will need to continue to catch up on some things at the stores before catching an evening flight to LA for my last set of photo shoots of the year. Some would see this as a huge sacrifice but for me it is what I love and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Plus as always Evian will be with me and we will be enjoying the final pages of this chapter in my career.

Friday is the day I have been dreaming of from the start of this prep because I will finally have the opportunity to shoot with the great Pavel Ythjall. I have been in love with his work for years but have yet to have the opportunity to work with him. We will be shooting for about eight hours on Friday and what makes it really special is that I will be doing a lot of shooting with my wife. These photo’s will be something we can cherish and keep as memories of this journey for the rest of our lives. Also these shots will make up the majority of the new iForce Nutrition ads that will be on the web and on the newsstands in 2012. To say that I am ready to do whatever it takes to be at my best for this shoot would be the understatement of the century and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us to capture some of the most intense images of my career.

Finally Saturday I will be doing my final shoot at Golds Gym Venice with Michael Butler. I met Michael just last season and after seeing his gym shots I knew I had to get some time in front of his camera for my site because he really has the ability to catch the essence of intensity with gym shoots. We will shoot for a few hours that morning to catch as much as we can but we also know that at this point my body will be running on fumes. When this shoot is done it will finally be time to celebrate and of course switch gears into whatever the wifey wants mode. We will be starting our celebration at one of our favorite restaurants “The Capital Grille” out in LA. Nothing over the top but just some time to reflect and look forward. This meal and night I am looking forward to more than anything else because it will finally allow me to relax a bit and just enjoy some time with Evi that is not revolving around me and what I will look like the following day:-)

As for the offseason the plan is simple: GROW!!! No matter what happens in Miami I will be going back to the basics in the gym and back to DC Training with my mentor Dante Trudel. He has already started to outline my plan for the 2012 offseason and we will start attacking it the first of the year. Before that I will continue to train hard for about three weeks getting me to mid December and taking full advantage of the rebound period following a show. I will stay on a very strict offseason plan during these three weeks to ensure that I do not gain to much bloat after the show and only add quality size. After that I will take off 100% from the gym for a minimum of two weeks and during that time I will have a complete mental break which means eating clean but measuring nothing. I will eat as I feel needed and focus on life outside of bodybuilding. Staying out of the gym is by far the hardest thing for me but I also know that come January when i start my all out assault on the 2012 contest season it will pay off in spades.

The Time is NOW!!!


  • Kristina

    wow you are SO disciplined!!! get it!! :D

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