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So Close and Yet So Far Away!

As I have been saying this entire prep time is flying by. I really cannot believe that in just five weeks it will be time for prejudging. So much work has gone into the look I am bringing to the stage and I could not be more happy with where my conditioning is at this point. As I have mentioned in FB posts my big goal for this prep and season has been to stay in the moment rather than to look past the show and onto what needs to happen next. On paper that is a really good plan and i feel I have been doing well with it but I have to admit that striving for change and to better myself is what I do. Because of that I have already found myself making little notes on what I feel I need to bring up in the upcoming offseason and how long I feel it will take. I have also started sending more photos to Dante for review so he can get a feel for what I am looking like when I am a bit flat, very full, and everything in between so that he can establish what adjustments we need to make to my offseason plan in order to continue improving.

With all of the above being said I will say that I have been doing very well at taking each day and hour at a time and each workout one set at a time. When you are in the condition I am in with so much time remaining I feel that the worst thing you can do is try to take on to much at a time. For example: When I get to the gym some days I feel beat as soon as I walk in the door. If I were to look over my workout and think of it from start to finish I would either feel defeated before even starting or I might make an even bigger mistake and find myself leaving a bit of energy on the table knowing that their is a lot to do before I walk out of the gym. To avoid that I look at each workout one set at a time. Once I am warmed up really good on a movement and I am starting my working sets I do not think okay I have two sets of this to do, I think I need 10 good reps here. All I need to do is muster up enough energy and mental focus to blast through ten heavy reps. This set is the only set that matters. I cannot leave anything to chance, I must take THIS set to hell and back. Once I am ready I attack that set as if it is the only set in the world. This set is my workout for the moment. I do not look past it and I do not take it lightly because it is the culmination of these little victories one set at a time that will ensure that I bring the best DH ever seen to the stage in Miami. Once that set is complete and I have taken my body as far as I can with it I start to gather my focus and work towards the next one. By breaking down the workout and the day little by little I never feel as though I am asking to much of myself when I am at a weak point in my prep and that allows me to give the set, the workout, and the day all I have.

What do I look forward to? That is a question that I have been being asked on a consistent basis lately so I figured I would just go public with some answers to that. As many of you who are reading this know I am one of the fortunate few who has a wife who not only supports me in every facet of my bodybuilding career but she actually pushes me to be better. I laugh when people point out the sacrifices made to compete because as I have said before these are not sacrifices to me because I choose this lifestyle and I love it with all of my soul. The person making the sacrifices is my wife. She is the one who’s life gets put on hold every year as I prep for a show. So more than anything I would say I look forward to turning my attention away from myself and back to her. She is not someone who wants a ton from me but what she does miss is my energy. When I am prepping for a contest and getting as close as I am now 100% of my focus is split between our retail business and the business of bodybuilding. Although I try to give her the attention that she deserves I am spread very thin and sadly she gets what’s left of me after everything else for the day has been completed. I cannot wait for that focus to change on 11/25 when we are in LA for my last photo shoot of the season because after that the world will revolve around her and what she wants. We will be back to goofing off in the car, hitting our favorite restaurants, and of course enjoying the holidays with our friends and family. I truly look forward to these little things more than good food and drink because their is nothing as uncomfortable as knowing that for the next five weeks you need to be selfish with your energy and that the person who supports you most is 110% okay with that need. It is a gift of selflessness that she gives knowing that no matter how much time I spend with her after the show I can never fully repay and it is because of her selflessness that I am able to give this prep everything I have. When I get tired and question how i am going to push past yet another physical or mental barrier I just think of the sacrifices that she is making and I know that I cannot and will not let myself give less than 100%.

The Time is NOW!!!


  • Rangerfan

    great blog. thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us

  • Kristina

    awesome post! very inspiring :)

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