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Self Assurance Provided by Suffering

I was talking to a friend the other day about my diet and plans for the coming week and I explained that I could not wait to let the suffering begin. I can honestly say that I am more in tune with every facet of life and of course each emotion when I am suffering. The pain and exhaustion keeps me locked in to what I am doing and allows my mind to stay focused on what drives me. It is not the titles, money, or exposure in the magazines but rather the support and sacrifice made by my wife. When I get tired I think about how selfless she is and how she supports me 110% in my journey and how i would never slack off knowing that every time I diet she is sacrificing herself and her desire for time and attention from me. I never lose focus of that and the more exhausted I get, the more pain I endure, the more suffering I withstand, the more i am reminded of why I do this. It is the internal battle that connects me with the sport and makes me strive to get better and better or should I say freakier and freakier.

I could never put to words why I feel better suffering but my friend put it together for me and I think he nailed it with 110% accuracy…he said: “Suffering is self assuring.” So simple and so accurate.

The time to suffer starts tomorrow and I cannot wait. I have been visualizing this show since the first time I hit the stage. My love for the sport never wavered and I know this is my destiny. I am here to show people that they can have anything they want if they put their minds to it and are relentless in their pursuit. This is not about being big, shredded, or ego. This is about the unlimited potential of the human will. I am doing everything in my power to achieve my goals and in the process am living life on my terms…are you?

The Time is NOW…


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