Wanna Make God Laugh…

Tell him your plan. I am sure so many of you have heard this saying but since the USA’s all I can say is it is true. I had planned on really getting after it in the gym as soon as theĀ USA’s were over but that simply didn’t happen due to a string of injuries [...]


This past weekend I spent in Las Vegas attending the 2010 Mr Olympia.

A lot to cover

After a few more weeks away from bodybuilding I have been flooded with questions asking where my head is at now and what I plan on doing next in both life and bodybuilding.

August 27, 2010…The First Day of the Rest of My Life

One month ago today is the last time I got on here and updated those following along with what has been going on in my world.

IForce Nutrition

I know it is rare for me to publish two blogs back to back on the same day but I just had to give my sponsor IForce Nutrition the respect and thanks that they have earned over the years of our relationship.

The Day I Have Been Waiting For Is Here!!!

Well, hard to believe that they day I have been working for nonstop since August 22, 2009 is finally here.

What’s Been Going On and What is Next

I don’t really have much exciting to say but it has been a bit since I wrote a new blog and people are giving me crap for not keeping them updated.

I Can Explain…Wait, No I Can’t

I have officially thrown in the towel on trying to understand what makes my body tick.

Four Weeks To Go!!!

Man I was so excited this morning that I woke up well before my alarm. 3:30am and I’m laying in bed just thinking of all of the sacrifices made by myself and my team to get me where I am today.

Less Than Five Weeks Out

Time has really been flying since getting back from Chicago and winning the SHW class at the Jr Nationals.