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Never Satisfied and Loving it!

Every year around my birthday I like to look back over the past year and even into the years before that and take an inventory of my life. I feel it is important to constantly take notice of the things that I have been doing well as well as the areas that I have fallen short in an attempt to make sure that I can make adjustments for the current year to continue to improve as a person, a business owner, and of course as an athlete.

This year when I started this process I mentioned it to a friend and explained that I always want to do more, to be more, and to achieve more. Obviously in my mind that is a good way to look at life but I was reminded that maybe this year rather than looking at what I have not done, do not have, and did not achieve I should just consider “counting my blessings.” At first I said that I understood but in reality I was just thinking “You have no idea who I am or how I function. I have accomplished all I have out of a constant desire to never be satisfied and by constantly raising my personal bar of expectations.” After a few hours I realized that once again I was beaten by a “brain ninja” because all I could think about is how rarely I take in the moment or even look at my life and just smile because of how good it is and how fortunate I am to have what I do.

Last night I decided to take that advice and really try to look at all that I do have and have done rather than only seeing the things that are either taking a long time to achieve or even the things that I know I will never have. So far this process has yielded me very little results due to the fact that every time I start to think about how fortunate I am in life I find myself using that feeling of success to think of ways that I can springboard myself to another level of success. Realizing just how hard it is for me to just take a second and see all that is good at this exact moment rather than looking onto the next moment and formulating a plan to become more has been a bit frustrating. I understand that to never be able to satisfy a thirst for more is just as bad as being completely complacent but if I had to choose one or the other I will take striving over complacency. I may or may not ever overcome this way of being because one cannot force themselves to feel differently but I will at least remind myself to take a minute each day and be thankful for how things are currently before using that to strive for more.

With all of the above being said there are two areas in my life that I am very grateful for my thought process and those are business and bodybuilding because in both of these arena’s of life the moment you become stagnant is the moment that someone else surpasses you. There are some things in life that you just have to accept when you learn that they are not for you but thankfully that is not the case in business or bodybuilding. In these two areas you make your own luck and I have been extremely “lucky” so far but the best is yet to come.

Off-season has just begun and I look forward to the opportunity to right all of last seasons wrongs while also making drastic improvements of the physique you see above. I know what I need to do and I will do all of it and then some because it is the journey and the day in and out battles that I live for. This is my moment and I will not let it pass.

The best of me is yet to come…

Dusty Hanshaw

  • Ivan Almonte

    Your my kind of athlete BIG MITOCHONDRIA! committed to family values, great loyalty to friends and always pushing to get ahead!

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