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Living my Personal Legend

Well, hard to believe it but today I am just 7.5 weeks out from stepping on stage in Miami. I have been struggling to write this prep because I feel that although a lot of people use their blogs to just keep people up to date on what is going on in their lives the majority of people who follow me get daily updates on FB from what I am doing, how I am feeling, etc… Because of that I like to somehow tweak these writing so that their is “a lesson” or something blatant that can be taken away from the reading so that the reader knows that although I am writing about my journey the point is for application of the writings to be used in their own journey. Because of the lack of blogs I have been getting emails from people saying that they wish I would write more because they use my writings/experiences to fuel their journeys as they prep for their upcoming events. After going back and forth with a supporter via email and learning that all he wanted was to hear about someone who is at my stage in the sport and what struggles and experiences I have. He said it really helps him to see that a lot of his feelings are normal and that no matter what level you are on you experience doubt, hardship, exhaustion, etc… Thanks to Yasir (his name) I will be updating the blog every other day from here until showtime. Some blogs will be great others more just updates but they will give an inside view of where I am at mentally and physically so with out further delay…Here we go!

The first thing I need to mention is the great news that I signed a new deal with IForce Nutrition at the Olympia in Vegas. What makes that so great is not just the fact that I know I have a deal in place for 2012 or that I will get to stay with the same great company but that the owner of IForce decided to step up to the plate and offer me a deal three months before my current deal expires and two months before I even hit the stage for the 2011 season. Knowing that they feel that our deal is mutually beneficial to the point of offering me a new and improved contract before I hit the stage just to finalize it and take the stress off of me leading into the show once again illustrates just how fortunate that I am in having their backing. The other plus is that we have already started scheduling my appearances for 2012 and two in particular that I am very excited to announce include the 2012 FIBI in Germany and the 2012 BodyPower in Birmingham England. Last year was my first opportunity to begin traveling the world because of bodybuilding and I remember each and everyday as if it was yesterday. The country’s were great, the events were great, and the fans were absolutely amazing! Bodybuilding is HUGE in Europe so having the opportunity to be a part of these great events is literally a dream come true.

As for the prep things are going amazing! At 7.5 weeks out I am by far in the best condition that I have ever been with this much time to go. Just like signing my IForce contract early this takes a lot of stress off of me because I know without a shadow of a doubt that not only will I bring a level of conditioning to the stage unlike anything I have brought in the past but also that I have enough time to bring that conditioning without sacrificing size or fullness. Those last two words are very key when you have a physique like mine because if I am shredded but not extremely full and extremely dry my physique lacks that wow factor and quickly looks just okay. Obviously this means that nailing condition, fullness, and extreme dryness are all keys that I MUST bring to the stage if I want to walk out of Miami as an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder.

Another interesting thing that has happened during this journey is that I have been working with a lot of regional and even local level bodybuilders while prepping for the Nationals. As they are going through the most grueling prep of their young careers I was shocked to hear the surprise in their tone when they mentioned that I looked tired when meeting them at night. One even mentioned that when reading my posts on FB he just assumed that this process is easy for me and I don’t even feel the diet or the workload. He actually was feeling mentally weak because he was struggling so much with the process all of the while he is reading my posts about how excited I am, how great I feel, how well my mental vision is coming together, etc…Because of our conversation I want to let it be known that I have NEVER met an athlete on any level of bodybuilding who is in shape that is not suffering in one way or another. The key with people who are at either higher levels or have just been doing this longer is that their are no surprises. When I start to feel absolutely exhausted, or stop sleeping well, or get short tempered, I am not shocked for a second and neither are those who are closest to me. We have been down this road before and know that these things are just part of the deal when striving for greatness in the sport. In fact they are so much part of the deal that my excitement is probably misleading because not only do I know that the suffering is part of the process of getting ready for a show but I embrace it. I love when I start to feel shitty and get a bit moody. These things let me know that I am reaching a level of conditioning that my body is not comfortable at, and quite frankly comfort has no place in the world of bodybuilding. In the offseason we are not comfortable because we are forcing our bodies to grow through copious amounts of food and insane workouts and in the precontest mode we are not comfortable because we are suffering through a caloric deficit all of the while asking our bodies to perform at higher and higher levels through shear determination and indomitable will.

I guess in closing out this first of about 20 or so blogs that will be released before the 2011 NPC Nationals I want to say that I could not be more happy. My body is responding extremely well to the process, my mind is sharp, I am living in the moment each day rather than looking forward to the show, and I have the best team of people and supporters here pushing me along. All of those things combined offer me the ability to live this journey without an ounce of doubt. I know what is going to happen in November. I know what I will be bringing to the stage because I close my eyes and see it daily as I follow my personal legend. I look forward to sharing this vision with all of you when I walk out from behind the curtain in Miami.

“If a person is living out his Personal Legend, he knows everything he needs to know. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ~The Alchemist

The Time is NOW…11/11


  • Jay

    Great post Brother and so true. Keep pushing and look forward to see you take that show.

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