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Just under 21 weeks…

20 weeks and 6 days out! In all honesty I cannot believe that in just 21 short weeks I will be onstage showing the judges, fans, and family what I have been working on since my breakthrough year in 2010. The time has flown by but I have taken advantage of every minute and I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I walk onto the stage people will immediately see the changes that I have made.

In this sport one cannot truly control the outcome of the event but they can and should be in complete control of  making the changes that the judges asked for. Winning is great and of course is what all athletes are shooting for when getting ready for the show but IMO winning is not what should be focused on. The focus should be on making sure that each time you step on the stage you are bringing a look that proves that you have never stopped working. This brings me to a question that I have been getting ever since the 2010 USA’s: Why not compete more? Deciding when to get ready for a contest is a very personal decision and although I do understand why some guys who have placed in the top end of their classes at national events choose to compete often it is just not a good fit for me. Most of these guys feel that they are right where they need to be and that grabbing the victory is just a matter of nailing their condition perfectly and it will be a done deal. I on the other hand am different because I am nowhere near satisfied with my physique. I was happy with what I brought to the stage last year and recognized that I am without a doubt one of the national front-runners but when looking at pics and video of myself I did not see a guy who was good enough to be a pro. Since then I focused on everything that I felt was holding me back from deserving the honor of being recognized as an IFBB pro. For me that meant bringing the waist down, legs up, and still more arms.

When I step on stage on Nov 18th you will see that I succeeded in making all of these changes which will prove to the judges and fans that I am the real deal and that I am willing to listen to the critiques and make the needed changes in training, diet, and life to alter my physique to what it needs to be. I will be unrecognizable in comparison to last season and no matter what my placing nobody will question whether the Dusty from last year or this year is better…it will be obvious!

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