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It’s Just Energy…

So here I sit just under 15 weeks out and I am noticing a little more focus and clarity each day. I cannot explain in words what it is like to know that you are chasing your dreams with unwavering belief but I can say that it is a feeling that I can only hope that everyone on the planet has the opportunity to feel. I know a lot of these feelings are just my attention to detail as I become a little more exhausted as my body changes in prep for Nationals but I also attribute a lot of it to a change that I decided to make over the weekend.

I had the opportunity to spend about 36 hours at a friends river house last Fri night through Sunday morning and just shut down. Of course I stayed on my meal plan, did the cardio I was scheduled to do, etc… But more than anything I took the time to relax, read a book, forget about the world, and reflect on where I was in life and what if any changes I wanted to make. After embracing the serenity of the moment I was in and enjoying a look back at the last few months I had a moment of true clarity. Sure, I always knew how fortunate I was to be living my dreams and to have such a great support group around but one thing that I had not realized was that I was allowing myself to be bogged down by other peoples drama and bullshit that had nothing to do with me. In short I had been allowing people to bring me drama and gossip about their lives as well as the lives of people that we knew and I was starting to carry the weight of these issues. As soon as I realized what I had been allowing I silently made a decision that I was DONE. Since that moment I cannot tell you how freeing it has been to just block out peoples crap. Am I here for any and all of my friends who are going through TRUE HARDSHIP? Yes, I will do anything and everything in my power to lift these people up and keep moving forward but, I am no longer the guy who will listen to negativity and gossip and it has already taken a load off.

I don’t think that many people realize the unnecessary stress that they bring on themselves by carrying negative feelings or running around telling others the he said she said rumors floating around their family, friends, and acquaintances. Each day that passes I am becoming more and more in touch with the energy around me and I cannot express what a difference it has made in just four short days to completely block the unnecessary negativity that we so often invite into our lives. Sure, it has caused a few moments where people have looked at me like I was nuts when I stopped them mid sentence and said “I don’t even care to know nor do I have an opinion.” But as soon as it is done they seem to realize that I mean no disrespect nor am I taking sides, just staying 110% out of drama.

Since making this choice my sleep has been amazing and although I have more than enough real stress in my life between business, lack of time, and typical life issues I feel more relaxed and able to overcome whatever comes my way. On Monday (my second day into the decision) I was experiencing one of those days where I did not want to open the email or answer the phone by 3:00pm for fear of hearing more bad news.  I was tested by a day that included some tough decisions at work and life altering situations that took place in some very dear friends lives. It was a tough day but I believe with all of my heart that I was able to navigate through each situation with a little more clarity because I had removed the clouds and fog I had previously been taking on by inviting negative energy into my life. I handled each situation as best I could and at the end of the day I was greeted with a feeling of peace and satisfaction. That feeling of peace transitioned into yet another amazing nights rest and a workout the following morning that allowed me to destroy previous best numbers and rolled right into a very productive day at work. In the end what I am saying is that now more than ever I understand the power of positive energy and how each action starts as a thought. If those thoughts are blinded with negativity it is only a matter of time before you see that negative energy in your actions and life which inevitably starts a downward spiral.

I challenge each of you reading this ramble/blog to look at your life and what you choose to invite in. Maybe after clearing out the unnecessary garbage you will have a moment of clarity and peace that brings you one step closer to your goals and the lifestyle you have always wanted. The mind is the most powerful thing in the world and it is swayed by the power of suggestion. Are you offering your mind positive suggestions or negative ones? Whichever energy you choose will create a domino affect in your life…which way do you want the chips to fall?

The Time is Now…


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