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It Wasn’t Always Like This

Anyone who has known me long can attest to the fact that I am far from the guy who has never had bad eating habits. In fact, when I first started dreaming of becoming a bodybuilder I still was a regular at pretty much every fast food place in town. Like so many people out there I would kill myself in the gym, drink my protein shakes, take my creatine, and spend countless dollars on different supplements, but just couldn’t get it through my head that no matter what I did in the gym or with my supplement regiment I would not become a successful physique athlete until I got my foundation right. The foundation in this case was and is DIET!!!

As the years passed on I continued to struggle with tossing the crap and getting serious with my nutrition but continued to advance in spite of my dietary choices. It wasn’t until after suffering what felt like a devastating loss on stage, that I truly started living with the motto of “Whatever it takes.” After that loss I went back to the drawing board and the only glaring weakness was my offseason eating. During the contest prep I could stick to the plan perfectly but in the offseason I always found a reason to stray into bad food choices. The longer I studied my notes, logbooks, etc…the more apparent it became that my best gains in both strength and size were taking place during my contest prep. At the time it didn’t seem obvious but now looking back I understand that I was only truly living the lifestyle of a serious bodybuilder while I was dieting down. The remainder of the year I was wasting time by not giving my body the nutrients it needed to recover from the intense training so that it could continue to get stronger and grow.

I am sure that many of you reading this would have to admit that the only time of the year that you are “perfect” with your nutritional planning is while dieting which is okay, but understand that it is decisions made year round which shape the physique you walk around in. The best way to remember this is that what you eat (or don’t eat) in private shows up in public. In many cases public means in the street during everyday life but for me public is on stage in front of hundreds of people and in magazines or on websites where millions of people can see the sacrifices that I have been making. In the beginning this sacrifice was tough to follow through with but the longer i continue this lifestyle the better my body seems to respond and more importantly the more healthy I am. So my challenge is for each of you to look at how you are approaching your goals. Are you giving your dreams and goals 100% effort 100% of the time or have you fallen into the trap of giving 100% effort much less than 100% of the time? Honestly decide for yourself where you fall, and do so understanding that the only person you need to answer to is yourself. I am already living my dreams…ARE YOU???

It’s Only a Matter of Time…


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