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Great Day Today…Now I know I am dieting

Today is the first day where I really felt locked into the diet. Sure, I have been noticing my mental awareness increase as it always does during prep for the past week or so, but today I felt my “groove.” I can always tell the diet is in full swing when I feel this need to be extremely organized. Everything has to be a certain way and I even tend to need to purchase a few things to help with that needed organization.

today after waking up from an odd nights sleep do to an Industry Party I attended last night (no I did not drink) I was off to the gym for 40 minutes of cardio. Nothing strenuous but none the less I felt awful do to screwing up my sleep pattern. After cardio I came home and prepped my meal two while watching a 2004 classic Jay Cutler video “Ripped to Shreds.” Because I was so beat and my wife was off with the girls I decided that it was time for my first precontest couch nap. Like always Zoey (my dog) was game for a little nap and within seconds I was out. About thirty minutes later I woke up feeling MUCH better but also with a million comforting thoughts in my head. For whatever reason it hit me that the journey I had been waiting for during the last eleven months had truly began and once again I was getting closer and closer to my goals. Because I am a freak when it comes to visualization I just sat there and let it all soak in. I thought of every “sacrifice” I had made over the past five years leading up to this point and how much different I look and think because of those choices. I rarely think about the choices I make in order to be a better athlete, but today I did. What I realized is that I no longer will be using the word: SACRIFICE. Why? Because based on the definition the word does not fit into a vocabulary describing my bodybuilding journey. Sacrifice is a word people use to describe doing without something but I do not feel I am missing out on anything as I pursue my dreams. I feel like I am taking advantage of the opportunity I have been blessed with to live my dreams. After all of these years I can finally answer the question” How can you stay so disciplined all of the time? “I guess it’s just easy when this life is truly what you love and want to do. I go without nothing and I gain everything by living my life as a bodybuilder. This structured lifestyle is suited for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The time is now…


  • Michael Engbrecht

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your journey as you pursue your dreams. As you know I turned 50 this year and with your inspiration I have come full circle in my quest to regain what I once had when I was younger. I will achieve my goals as will you. Thanks again for your inspiration and I look forward to seeing you as #1.

    Mike “The Old Man” Engbrecht

  • Garrickparker

    Life is not worth living, if you are not living your life. If you put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into it the results will be shown. Keep up the good work Dusty…

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