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Fuel to the FIRE!!!

As many already know it has been a great week for me professionally and personally as an athlete in the sport. I have worked countless hours and made so many decisions over the years that have lead me to where I am today and although I have loved every second it is still surreal when I take a minute and think about it all. I started this journey alone with only my own belief and desire to accomplish my goals and since then things have exploded! It has been an amazing ride so far and just yesterday while chatting with long time friend and amazing videographer/editor Todd Tichonchuck (the best video guy in the game) I realized just how far we have come and how quickly it has happened.

In 2008 I took my first overall title at the NPC Border States show in SoCal and the following day did my second major shoot for my sponsor IForce Nutrition. The only difference between this shoot and the previous is that I met Todd (who was doing a little video) and his son Trevor (little Jay) for the first time. We had a great time doing the shoot and he put together a video of  it complete with cuts, music, and voiceover. Now, fast forward 2.5 years and everything has exploded!! Because of that one video Todd shot he and Dave (CEO IForec Nutrition) decided he should start making more short bodybuilding films  as I prepared for future shows.

His video’s coupled with the full financial, marketing, and creative support of IForce proved to play an enormous roll in both Dusty Hanshaw and IForce Nutrition becoming household names within the sport. We have made a ton of video’s that have literally been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and we are just getting started. Now along with continuing to shoot my short videos Todd has signed on to be both the videographer and creative director of my first DVD coming out following this years NPC Nationals. On top of that his talents have been noticed by some of the biggest names in the business. Who??? I don’t know some little online and print magazine called “FLEX” as well as some relatively unknown bodybuilder named Jay Cutler. That is right, both Flex and Jay have started having Todd shoot and edit video for them. I am so happy to see Todd living his dream within the industry and feel very honored to be able to say that not only did he start with me but that we will continue to work together until I retire from the sport.

At the end of the day what makes the above provide such fuel is the fact that their is ZERO acting in our shoots. Todd just tells me to do what I do and ignore the camera. He takes his ability of capturing the emotion and energy of each shoot and creates an entire story for people to follow. From that we have created interest and supporters across the globe. I’m sure at this point at least a few people are wondering why is this ramble about my video’s entitled “Fuel to the Fire?” Simple, because the support that we have received of both the video’s and my career prove that a lot of people are enjoying following along as I trudge towards the top of the sport. I attribute that to the fact that most people who watch these video’s can relate to almost everything they see and what they cannot relate to yet are things they are striving towards. I am not “special” in fact I am no different than millions of athletes across the world striving to take their physiques further. The only difference is my journey is public and I am blessed to have the support of so many!

Todd, it has been an awesome run so far and I cannot thank you enough for the roll that you have played.

The time is now…


So who would have guessed that the little video Todd decided to shoot of me back in 2008 would grow into what it has? Well, that is easy IForce Nutrition’s owner Dave and Todd himself. Both of them had a vision and knew that if they just kept coming it would come full circle.

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