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DH is honored to be part of “Brett’s Muscle Crew” and the MDA

Brett at the Cards game with his Dad

This is my first blog post in a long time but I was holding out for something important to say rather than just writing daily updates on the little things going on in my life. Well, after all of this time I finally have something that is worth sharing.

Since starting in bodybuilding I have been blessed to have many great opportunities come my way and with the help of my wife and family I have been able to make good on almost all of these opportunities as they came about. All of that great fortune lead me to start searching for a way to “give back” and I found my home with the MDA or Muscular Dystrophy Association. When I first realized it was time to start devoting time to something much bigger than myself or bodybuilding I was immediately drawn to  the MDA because obviously Muscular Dystrophy is essentially the exact opposite of me and what has given me so many great blessings in my life.

After I made the decision to get involved with the MDA I started reaching out for who I needed to talk to in order to start volunteering for this great organization. In all honestly it was not as easy to just jump into as I had expected but as fate would have it I also started working with a husband and wife team on their nutrition and training for bodybuilding and figure around the same time. As I began to know them on a more personal level I learned that their son Brett was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of two. Dennis and Shannon were kind enough to give me a better understanding of DMD and shared their personal story. DMD is an inherited disorder caused by an abnormality in the gene that produces the protein dystrophin , which over time causes the muscles to weaken and eventually fail. Learning more about this disease has inspired me even more to get behind this great cause and I have my first opportunity coming up on March 24th where I will be a part of “Brett’s Muscle Crew” which is Brett Aldridge’s team for the MDA walk here in Az.

I cannot even begin to explain how honored that I am to be a part of “Brett’s Muscle Crew” and I have made it my personal goal to get as many donations as possible for this great cause for kids like Brett and their families. I am hoping that with as many people as I know who have found their passion within the sport of bodybuilding that like me they can see how this is a cause that they should support in anyway possible. If you are interested in learning more about the MDA  visit their website at and if you are interested in helping sponsor Brett’s team “Brett’s Muscle Crew”  just click this link and follow the easy instructions on the page. You will need to look for the team Brett’s Muscle Crew and from there it is step by step.

I know you have all heard that every penny helps but believe me when I say that it is true. The MDA and the people who are associated with this great association are all extremely passionate about changing how MD affects peoples lives now as well as in the future. If possible please donate anything you can to this great cause and if you cannot donate please take the time to learn more about Muscular Dystrophy and see how you can get involved to make a difference. Also if you would like to come to Arizona to participate as a member of Brett’s team please email me at We are looking to have a strong team to show Brett and all other people affected by Muscular Dystrophy that we are here to support them and will do everything we can to make a difference. Please check my FB page often for more information on this great event and for pictures and video from the event.

Whatever it takes…

Dusty Hanshaw

  • Bigdaddysmoothdc

    You guys are amazing.I lost my fourteen year old last year to this horrible disease.Marcos was the toughest person I ever met.Through all his struggles he never complained,he always worried sir everyone else.Dusty and Brett thank you fir doing this.

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