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Are you Filled with Desire or Dedication?

With 23 weeks to go until showtime I can already see that I am 110% back into my diet mode and attitude. In the offseason I tend to be a little less aware of both myself and those around me and don’t spend much time if any, analyzing thoughts or actions but once the prep starts I see everything and feel more in tune. Because of that fact I have decided that this years blogs leading into Nationals will be both about my journey as well as the thoughts I have along the way. Some people who have been in this mindset will see what I am saying and agree, others will see it and disagree, but everyone will have a better idea of what makes me tick. This particular entry is focused on the difference between desire and dedication.

Through working with clients and meeting athletes that shop in my stores almost daily I am listening to someone who expresses a strong desire to make it in this sport but very few truly show the dedication needed to make it happen. By definition desire is: To wish or long for; want… For lack of better words… desire is worth jack shit in this sport without dedication. People who are successful understand that neither wanting or longing for something will get the job done and they wouldn’t dare “wish.” All of the above ways of thinking characterize day dreamers and people who would rather talk about what they want than actually MAKING IT HAPPEN! For every 100 or more people who “desire” success in this sport I am fortunate enough to cross paths with a few who are truly dedicated enough to get the job done.  Unlike desire, dedication is the perfect description of those who are successful in this sport. By definition dedication is self-sacrificing devotion. Now that is bodybuilding at the highest level. Champions do not desire…champions are dedicated.

Now that you know the difference in the way that Merriam-Webster describes desire and dedication I challenge you to be honest with yourself in deciding which side of the fence you currently on. Are you the person that is wishing or are you the person that is showing self sacrificing devotion. Sadly I think that if most people were to truly ask themselves this question they will have to admit that they are currently sitting on the side of desire and have not shown enough consistent sacrifice to call themselves dedicated.

For the few of you that are out there who are dedicated let me be the first to congratulate you on your future success. The road will be rough and steep but when you make it to the top you will immediately be grateful for the broken road that lead you to success. Bodybuilding is not about the final destination but rather the mental, physical, and spiritual road you struggled down to make it to your goals and it is the road you pave that will allow others to follow in your footsteps.

I cannot thank my friends and supporters enough for following my journey over the years but at this time I would like to offer each of you a map to your own personal success…it is a tough road but I am doing it, why can’t you?

The time is now…


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