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7 weeks now!

Man time is flying and I am happy to announce that today I felt like I got hit by a truck!! I am not kidding!!! Somehow between yesterday and today I got my ass kicked. Now most people would see that as a bad thing but for me it is yet another sign that my body is getting closer to where it needs to be. I know that some will disagree but I always say that the worse you feel the better you look. The only key to that statement is that I do not agree with feeling that way at the end of the diet because it shows up on stage in your posing and presentation. Not to mention I feel that you can always tell when you are looking at an athlete who’s body is tired. Their tends to be no “POP” to the muscle when they pose. It is that very reason that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be ahead of schedule and feeling the pain now. Based on pics and past experience I will need to continue this brutal suffering for about another three weeks or so before I can drop the cardio down and possibly even completely out and start increasing the food. It is at this point that I start “growing into the show.” Really I am not growing but rather filling back out depleted muscle which adds some weight back and more importantly gives the body a rested look and the muscle becomes much more three dimensional.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is that on the weekend of October 15 I will be shooting more videos that so many of you have been requesting. We will catch two workouts but more importantly we will be filming more day in the life type of things since that is what I keep getting requests for. It is nothing spectacular but rather I think what makes it popular is the fact that viewers can see once again that no matter what level an athlete is at the work and suffering never end. I don’t care if you are doing the Arnold Classic, the Nationals, or your local state show you have to work hard and need a great team behind you. As always you will all see that i could never do this without the support and work that my wife puts in so don’t be surprised if you walk away feeling like I have an unfair advantage due to all she does.

The Time is NOW!!!


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