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7 Days Out…Are You Kidding Me?

Man, hard to believe that seven days from now I will be in Miami and just finishing up the finishing touches before hitting the stage. It has been a long road to the stage since last years USA’s and has been filled with challenges and memories that I will cherish forever. Today I woke up with a calmness that I can honestly say I have never experienced leading into a show. After sitting out on the patio and reflecting on the journey I came to the obvious conclusion that feeling calm comes from knowing without any doubt that I have achieved my goal. At seven days out I have never had a more complete look and have never been so confident in the effort that I put into a prep.

On top of knowing I have given this prep all I can I can also say with pride that more than ever I achieved my goal of maintaining balance in all areas of my life during a grueling and very successful prep. Not once did I leave the stores earlier than usual or let my goals as an athlete get in the way of my responsibilities as a business owner, husband, or nutritionist. I am sure that some of you do not see this as much of an achievement but I can tell you first hand that it is very easy to let other areas of your life get away from you while prepping for a show because reaching top physical form takes an enormous amount of effort and focus which in many cases leaves little room for other responsibilities. This year I was fortunate enough to have a great team of people surrounding me who took a lot of pressure off of me by handling things  within my prep that could be done by someone other than me which allowed me to continue to stay focused on other very important areas of my life. Corny, but something I am very proud of because I have never in the past felt that I had been a success in balancing my prep, friends, family, and of course business all at once.

With seven days left I also have realized that during this prep I have not found myself wishing my life away by dreaming of the prep being over or focusing on the end result. Instead I took each hour on one at a time and remained focused on the tasks at hand. I’m sure some of this stems from the fact that I am maturing as an athlete and the rest is because I am just to damn busy day in and out to focus on anything past the present. Between the stores, clients, prep, and trying my best to squeeze in some time  for friends and family each day has been filled to the max from the moment I wake up at 4:00am until my head hits the pillow at 10:00pm. I also assume that it is because of this slammed schedule that the prep seemed to fly by faster than usual but whatever it is I can assure you that I enjoyed every second and I have done my best in all areas of life throughout this prep.

At this stage in the prep I could ramble on for pages and pages about the journey and what it has meant to me but instead I will leave it at thank you. Thank you to my Wife, sponsors, friends, family, and of course God. I am not one who likes to discuss my personal faith or spirituality publicly but I cannot let this moment pass without pointing out that I recognize just how blessed I am to be where I am in life and of course in the sport. So many athletes out there would kill to be in my shoes and I live  life in the moment each day knowing that their is no gurantee that tomorrow will ever come so it is key to stay in the present.  As I continue to strive for more success and bigger achievements I also need to recognize where I already am and all that I have been rewarded with along the way. Everyday is a blessing so never lose sight of where you are as you strive for where you are trying to get…

The Time is NOW!!!


  • Tim C. – Portland

    Great blog postings, Dusty.  I have been following your career for a couple years after first seeing you on youtube (love the “lifestyle” clips).  Pulling for you in Miami this coming week.  Pro card should be coming your way.  Keep up the great work, and keep up the blogs and youtubes.  Thanks for the inspiration.

  • HOF fan

    Wasn’t in a good mind set today, then I read this and it put everything back in prospective for me. Thx


    Almost there dusty, love your vids on youtube, look forward to seeing you win!

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