The Grind

It’s September 18, 2012 and I am just under 8 weeks out from the 2012 NPC Nationals in Atlanta Georgia. Over the last week I have finally started feeling the pain involved as I push my body to be it’s all time best through diet, training, cardio, and supplementation. In bodybuilding a common saying goes: [...]

Never Satisfied and Loving it!

Every year around my birthday I like to look back over the past year and even into the years before that and take an inventory of my life. I feel it is important to constantly take notice of the things that I have been doing well as well as the areas that I have fallen [...]

DH is honored to be part of “Brett’s Muscle Crew” and the MDA

This is my first blog post in a long time but I was holding out for something important to say rather than just writing daily updates on the little things going on in my life. Well, after all of this time I finally have something that is worth sharing.
Since starting in bodybuilding I have been [...]

7 Days Out…Are You Kidding Me?

Man, hard to believe that seven days from now I will be in Miami and just finishing up the finishing touches before hitting the stage. It has been a long road to the stage since last years USA’s and has been filled with challenges and memories that I will cherish forever. Today I woke up [...]

Why go so early?

I know I start almost every blog the same but I seriously cannot believe how fast the time fly’s by when you are getting ready for a contest. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime between meals yet here we are after what seems like a few days and I am starting to finalize last minute [...]

The Next Three Weeks…and Then Some

Man, hard to believe that in 14 days I will be on stage in Miami showing the bodybuilding community what i have been working on since they last saw me in July of 2010. Looking back I cannot believe how quickly that time has passed by and all of the great things that have happened [...]

So Close and Yet So Far Away!

As I have been saying this entire prep time is flying by. I really cannot believe that in just five weeks it will be time for prejudging. So much work has gone into the look I am bringing to the stage and I could not be more happy with where my conditioning is at this [...]

7 weeks now!

Man time is flying and I am happy to announce that today I felt like I got hit by a truck!! I am not kidding!!! Somehow between yesterday and today I got my ass kicked. Now most people would see that as a bad thing but for me it is yet another sign that my [...]

Living my Personal Legend

Well, hard to believe it but today I am just 7.5 weeks out from stepping on stage in Miami. I have been struggling to write this prep because I feel that although a lot of people use their blogs to just keep people up to date on what is going on in their lives the [...]

How did I get here?

Today is August 27, 2011 and if he was still alive would have been my Fathers 62 birthday. Being that today is both my Dad’s birthday as well as the day that puts me 12 weeks out from the finalsĀ of the 2011 NPC Nationals I found myself thinking about life and of course bodybuilding and [...]