I was born May 7, 1981 in Spokane, Washington. Spokane is a small city about 300 miles from Seattle. My entire extended family is from Spokane but due to my Dad’s job we were only there until I turned four years old. From there I moved to Seattle, Washington, then St. Louis, Missouri, before finally ending up in Gilbert, Arizona.

As a kid I was always very active either riding bmx, playing soccer, or street hockey. After about a year of playing street hockey I realized that all I wanted to do was become a hockey player. That year my dad enrolled me into a learn-to-play program for first-time ice hockey players. After about two sessions the coaches decided it would be best for me to get out of the learn-to-play and right into league play because I was showing a natural talent for the game.

After a few years of playing I decided that I wanted to play in the NHL so I focused all of my energy on playing hockey and enhancing my skills with numerous different camps, leagues, and summer leagues. When I was 16 my parents were living in Gilbert, and it was obvious that the best thing for my career would be for me to move somewhere else to play. I ended up moving to Utah and playing for the Golden Eagles for the next two years while also finishing up high school. Some of the best memories of my life come from the two years I spent in Utah but unfortunately I also sustained an injury to my shoulder that proved to be career ending.

After going through rehab and finally getting back on the ice it didn’t take me long to realize that I was no longer going to be able to play the game in the physical way that made me successful. At this point I was forced to move on in my life and leave my playing days behind.

Once I realized that my playing days were behind me, I decided to move back to Arizona with my family. Besides getting to work I also became a member of the local Gold’s Gym to stay in shape. After a few months in the gym I decided to enter my first bodybuilding show as a way to satisfy my competitive nature. Throughout the entire process I swore that I would never compete again because I hated the diet and monotonous lifestyle that came along with being a competitive bodybuilder. Obviously something changed the night I stepped onstage for the first time because I have been in love with the sport ever since.

Since then I have moved up the ladder in the NPC and am now attempting to achieve pro status. I have been fortunate enough to retain a paying sponsorship from iForce Nutrition that has enabled me to get some good publicity as well as attend all of the major bodybuilding shows around the country.

Beyond bodybuilding I am also working in the industry as the owner of a small retail chain of sports nutrition stores in Arizona called House of Fitness. I have worked the stores since I was 20 and finally had the opportunity to buy them about two years ago. In a time where so many people are just working to get by I feel so blessed to be making my living in the industry I love and sharing the knowledge I have for both bodybuilding and general health.